About Us

Military Affairs Committee Mission Statement:

  • Enhance the quality of life for active, reserve, retired, and disabled military personnel and their families and the families of deceased military personnel throughout Idaho.
  • Assist active and reserve component military units and personnel to achieve their missions and goals.
  • Coordinate with other State and National organizations and program that support active, reserve, retired, and disabled military personnel and their families and the families of deceased military personnel.
  • Promote understanding and cooperation between the civilian and the active, reserve, retired, and disabled military communities within Idaho.
  • Provide emergency support & crisis intervention for active, reserve, and retired military personnel and their families.


  • Numerous automobile repairs.
  • Home repairs.
  • Emergency assistance for food and utilities.
  • Shipped needed personal hygiene items and morale boosting items to local soldiers serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, over 1000 care packages to date.
  • Assisted over five hundred veterans and family members through networking abilities to attain needed services.
  • Assisted in raising money to replace the DAV Vans in both Pocatello & Idaho Falls.
  • FireKracker Run
  • Veteran’s Day Luncheon
  • Sponsors and promoting for birthdays, memorial, etc. of all Armed Forces Organizations

Free To Celebrate

The Military Affairs Committee sponsors Free to Celebrate. Citizens Community Bank is honored to support the military, our veterans, and their families. Please join us in our Freedom to Celebrate

Veterans Network

Information Of Interest For Veterans

Outward Bound for Veterans
Free Adventures for combat veterans. All travel costs paid for. "​Outward Bound for Veterans helps thousands of returning service members and recent veterans readjust to life at home through powerful wilderness courses that draw on the healing benefit of teamwork and challenge through use of the natural world.​"​

Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy
The Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy (IDYCA) is a volunteer program for 16 to 18 year old teens that are at risk of dropping out or that have already dropped out of high school. The program is open to all students, without regard to race, sex, religious affiliation or household income. The goal of the program is to give youth a second chance to become responsible and productive citizens by helping them improve their life skills, education levels, and employment potential. The program incorporates a highly structured format, with an emphasis on student discipline and personal responsibility, to provide a positive, safe, and secure learning environment. (They can earn high school credits and/or be prepared to pass a GED after a 5.5 month residence course).